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Dominique Autard
Dominique is the founder and chief development officer of Boussole Business Solutions  and is responsible for the company’s service delivery across Strategic Development, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Process Improvement and Efficiency gains and Corporate Infrastructure. 

As the principal consultant of the organisation, Dominique has over 2 decades of financial services experience, both nationally and internationally, covering life and general insurance, pension products as well as investment linked services.

Dominique’s expertise revolves around large corporations including banks, insurance companies and their strategic development needs, marketing strategy, product development requirements, process design, project management and change management.

Dominique holds an MBA and a diploma of Financial Services. He is a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.
Sandy Autard
Sandy is the chief financial officer of Boussole Business Solutions, with responsibility for the company’s capabilities and services across Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Finance & Enterprise Performance, Operations, Sustainability, and Talent & Organization. 

As the lead business consultant of the organisation, Sandy has 20 years hands on experience in financial services, information and technology, business administration in quantity surveying and constructions, as well as international industrial procurement and operational management.

Sandy’s key expertise revolves around SME ’s, business re-engineering, operational structure, training and management accounting.

Sandy has tertiary qualifications in Human Resource Management and a diploma in Biblical Studies and has had extensive training in accounting software packages.
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